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Advocacy - Engagement - Building Community

We use respect, show compassion, and demonstrate cultural sensitivity while carrying out an FASD
collaborative assessment using the “Canadian FASD Diagnostic Standards”, with the intent to recognize
an individual’s strengths and support needs.

FASD, Okanagan Valley Society is a registered, non-profit society located in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. Our service area includes all of the central interior of B.C. including justice institutions to Mission, B.C.

FASD Okanagan Valley, Assessment and Support is interested in increasing resilience and reducing harm by advancing how we all understand and respond to FASD. This is done through advocacy, community engagement, and building community capacity through education seminars. We aim to reduce the incidence of FASD and ensure people who are affected by FASD have the support they need to lead positive, meaningful lives.

Assessment and Diagnosis

We use the “Canadian Standards for Diagnosing FASD” to confirm a diagnosis of FASD for youth and adults. 


If your organization or workplace offers care services to members of the public, you likely interact with people who have FASD. FASD Okanagan Valley offers several formats of workshops to help organizations learn about using best practice when responding to youth/adults who have FASD in effective ways. 


If you are or know someone who is suspected of having FASD … connect with us to learn more about our support groups and resources.

Supporting Funders