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Support Groups:

Adult Action Hall (a non-traditional adult support group for those with FASD)

We offer a weekly, non-traditional support group that focuses on developing the participant’s skills to advocate for themselves and their needs. Life Skills, relationship skills, addictions, employment, housing and navigating systems such as social systems, justice and health systems are taught. We also discuss how FASD impacts each persons life in different but similar ways. Participants learn how to live with FASD rather believing they are victims of FASD.  
All groups feature a warm home cooked meal, skill development and friendships.

We meet weekly for 2 hours – there is no cost to attend. After ten weeks of attendance, there is a celebration complete with certificates and fun. We sponsor these support groups throughout the Okanagan including in Indigenous communities.

Please call the office to learn more.

Care giver Support Groups

Support Groups for Moms, Dads, grandparents and Caregivers are also available. This group meets monthly for 2 hours. If participants are not available to attend in person due to remote living, there is opportunity to attend the group through encrypted video streaming.