Long Term Effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Adults

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Bernadette Letter

With the help and shared vision from Laura Hockman, ED of Independent Living Vernon, and her staff; the only adult assessment clinic in BC opened.

While being in the clinic, there are many accomplishments I am so very proud of. One that I cherish the most was having Dr. Densmore agree to be our lead assessment physician. He not only provided leadership and training for all of the staff, patients, and their families; his incredible regard was demonstrated in the relationship-building he approached each patient with. His tenacity and curiosity resulted in reports that were more than meaningful, they were life-saving, life-altering, and resulted in lives being changed for the long term. Dr. Densmore invested significant hours researching, writing, and driving to locations across the province to complete assessments often on his time. His infectious curiosity and passion to understand FASD changed the lives of all he worked with, including me.

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Important Notice!

FASD Okanagan Valley Assessment and Support Society wants to express heartfelt gratitude to Bernadette O’Donnell, our Executive Director, who has recently resigned as she moves into retirement. Bernadette championed our organization with unwavering dedication and commitment to individuals with FASD, parents or caregivers of individuals with FASD, and all our community organizations that we have collaborated with over the past six years. Your consistent hard work, passion, and advocacy for this community will never be forgotten. Thank you for all your hard years of work! We are forever grateful.Read More